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What is Title 24 Acceptance Testing? 

Title 24 Acceptance Testing is the inspection of a projects lighting control system and state submission of an Acceptance Testing report by a certified Acceptance Testing Contractor & Technician. 

Components of a lighting control system are as follows: Occupancy Sensors, Motion sensors, Vacancy Sensors, Astronomical Time Clocks, Daylight Harvesting Sensors, Photocells, Dimming Switches, Programmable Wall-pods, etc.. 


The city inspector says I need a certified 3rd Party contractor to provide Certificate of Acceptance. Can you help me?

​Yes, you found the right company! 3rd Party Title 24 inspections is what we special in. We have successfully completed close to 1500 inspections and do this everyday. 


Do you service in my job site's area?  

We service the entire state of California and can make it out to any project within state lines. 


​What will you need from me to get started? 

We will need an electronic copy of the drawings to get started. This allows us to review the lighting control layout to make sure it is compliant with the Title 24.6 code. We will also use the drawings to put together a FREE QUOTE for the certification of the project. From there we will await approval of the price and also work to get your project on the schedule as soon as possible. 


How much will my project cost? 
Each project is priced differently based on the count / type of lighting controls, as well as the required forms needed in the Acceptance Testing report. Once we receive the drawings we will be able to better answer that question. ​

What is your typical turn around?

As long as there are no corrections needed to be completed, we will have the report back to you typically within this the same business day of the inspection. This time may vary depending on the size of the project. 


How far in advance do you need to get us scheduled? 

In most cases, a day or two in advance will get you on the schedule for the day you're requesting. However, we recommend reaching out to us up to a week in advance, to keep your project on track and make sure we can answer any questions or concerns you may have before the inspection.  


Can you make it to my job site today? 

For emergency situations we can normally make it out to your job site the same day. However, some days we have completely full schedules and may not be able to accommodate the request until the following day. 


How long will the inspection take? 

The duration of the inspection depends on the size of the project. Our average inspection time is around an hour to an hour and a half.  


Will I need to be onsite? 

It is recommended that you have a representative on site during the inspection. However, if you cannot be onsite that is not a problem. We will just need access to the location, stamped set of drawings, and the permit for the project. If there are corrections we will provide them to you via email, text, or phone call. 

What do you need from me during the inspection? 

We will need the stamped set of drawings and permit info in order to complete the acceptance testing inspection. 


Do you accept credit card? 

​​Yes, we accept all major credit cards, as well as, cash, check, or electronic check. 


When is payment due? 

Because we provide same day turn around of the Acceptance Testing report, we ask that payment be provided to us on the day of inspection or under special arrangements.