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Title 24 Acceptance Testing is the certification of a projects lighting control system and state submission of an Acceptance Testing report by a certified Acceptance Testing Contractor & Technician. The certification ensures that the lighting control system is designed, installed, and programmed correctly to satisfy the Title 24 Part 6, Non-Residential building code. 


 "Non-Residential Certificate of Compliance"

What is Title 24 Acceptance Testing and Why do I need it for my project? 

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 "Non-Residential Certificate of Installation"

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 "Non-Residential Certificate of Acceptance"

Integrated Power & Lighting has been providing California Title 24 Acceptance Testing & Consultation since early 2014. We have successfully completed 800+ projects and have developed several hundred happy returning clients.

We make Title 24 Acceptance Testing as EASY as possible for our customers and do our best to accommodate those last minute unexpected inspections that most new customers run into.  


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